Friday, January 22, 2016

First amendment is racist?

If this is what America's top universities have to offer, we may be in for a steep decline. Take this gem from Duke University

    "According to a columnist for the Duke University student newspaper, America’s “obsession with the First Amendment” is really just “an expression of white supremacy.”

    “I am thinking about how an urgent and overdue conversation about racism—on our campus and across our country — has been derailed by a diversionary and duplicitous obsession with the First Amendment,” graduate student Bennett Carpenter wrote in university newspaper The Chronicle. “I am thinking about how quickly the conversation has shifted from white supremacy to white fragility — and how this shift is itself an expression of white supremacy.”

Apparently unaware of the irony of using a newspaper column to call for restrictions on free speech, Carpenter argued that Americans give too much deference to the First Amendment and should focus more on censoring violent speech.

The good news is, if you happened to go to college before this millennial nightmare set in, you have nothing to fear from those that came after you. Today, America's best and brightest go to our top universities and are trained to be outraged into a catatonic state by anything that might moderately reinforce a stereotype.



Anonymous said...

Universities are rapidly losing value as educational institutions.

Anonymous said...

What we really have here is a moron calling for enforced restrictions on speech because he can't find the self control to monitor his own tongue and as usual for a leftist is projecting his defects into the world as a whole.

Bird of Paradise said...

its that same 1st amendment that allowed stupid idiot columists to write totaly stupid articles about the U.S. Constitution and those who wrote it I suggest the one who wrote the dumb collum get their head scanned and see if their brain has'nt shrunk to walnut size from all the liberal bull twaddle from leftists adminastrators

Alpha Skua said...

Bennet Carpenter needs to have their brain checked its apperently been shrinking since they got into Duke the same place where those black woamen lied and and made false accusations against those lacrosse players

stymphalian Bird said...

Streight from Stupidland comes their Village Idiot

Anonymous said...

They can't debate or intelligently discuss race issues so they change the subject, rambling on about obsession on the 1st amendment. These politically correct censors are actually preventing a frank discussion. I just made the last payment on my son's college bill and I thank God my son is an engineering major so his mind hasn't been filled with this rubbish.