Thursday, March 12, 2015

Youthful high spirits collide with political correctness

Singing "naughty" words to well-known songs was a feature of student life in my day but all forms of naughty words appear risky today.  I am glad I am not a student in today's censorious environment

The ringleader of a sickening racist chant sung by a University of Oklahoma fraternity has described the outraged reaction to his slurs 'a devastating lesson'.

He wrote: 'I am deeply sorry for what I did Saturday night. It was wrong and reckless. I made a horrible mistake by joining into the singing and encouraging others to do the same.'

'On Monday, I withdrew from the university... I admit it likely was fueled by alcohol consumed at the house before the bus trip, but that’s not an excuse.

Rice is featured the most prominently in the video, as he pumps his fist and encourages others aboard the chartered bus to sing along with the lyrics: 'There will never be a n***** SAE. You can hang him from a tree, but he'll never sign with me. There will never be a n***** SAE.'

The video, taken aboard a party bus Saturday night en route from the campus in Norman to the Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club, caused immediate outrage on Sunday when it was posed on social media.

University officials responded by banning the fraternity from campus and demanding that members move out by midnight tonight.



Anonymous said...

Of course if a when black groups chant hang the cracker or kill the pigs/cops they are given a pass. And when islamic imams urge holy war on infidels from the pulpit even on college campuses they are also given a pass. All vestiges of free speech are being erased from universities around the world with hardline liberalism taking over.


Anonymous said...

I would bet that if you checked the party registrations of the kids on that bus and/or the SAE fraternity they'd be overwhelmingly if not entirely Democrats.

Fat chance of the news media reporting that little tidbit though even if they checked it.

Bird of Paradise said...

Frankly i think the fraternity should take these adminastrators to court and sue their pants off

Dean said...

Was every member of the fraternity on board the bus? Was everyone on the bus a member of that fraternity? The answer to both questions is no. But all members are being punished anyway.

Sounds like a hate crime to me. Go after individuals based on their membership in a given group.

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with JJR
We all did and said a lot of stupid things when we were young.
Singing a stupid song does not make all of these young people irredeemable.
Sadly they will now be haunted by this silliness for the rest of their lives.

Anonymous said...

The dumbest thing they did was to record and post it online. I did and said dumb things in college. Thankfully, the ability to easily record and post did not exist.