Sunday, March 01, 2015

UK: Kick Anti-Racism out of Football!

I’m personally sick of football being used to promote the politics of racial and national dispossession.

Football fans should not be subject to political propaganda of any type. There should be no link between attending a football match and espousing right-on views on racial relations.

UEFA and any other football association should have no policies on race and racism, and no footballer should be investigated by kangaroo courts held to establish his political views.

I should add that I regard football as a low-brow interest, and I’m not a supporter of any team, and I know nothing about the off-side rule. My only focus in this article is on the politicisation of football.

We read today that Chelsea fans excluded a black man from an Underground train in Paris. Apparently, they were recorded on a mobile phone as chanting about “racism”. Chelsea football club has agreed to act as an arm of the state by supporting criminal prosecution of its own supporters (???).

Yet I was pleased to see that Mitchell McCoy, a Chelsea fan, has denied the man was excluded from the train for being “black”, and it was probably, if anything, because he was a Paris St. Germain fan. Moreover, the carriage was full and there was no room for anyone else. He also claimed that the chant was about club captain, John Terry (banned for four matches and fined after an Orwellian inquest into his political views).

It’s nice to see someone stand up and be counted — and McCoy will probably now face an attempt to link him to the incident and even remove his season ticket.

For the avoidance of all doubt here, I don’t think altercations with members of the ethnic minorities are productive, given that they are a protected political class; but I do support the right of Englishmen to express themselves in insulting language to people who have arrived en masse in countries like England and France.

The police should be required by law to concentrate on real crime. The football clubs and the Football Association should be banned from promoting anti-racism to club members.

The worst thing about this is that English people do not rally round their own. Mitchell McCoy is a 17-year-old young man, and if he faces any action in connection with his comments, a healthy English society would see millions of people defend him.



Anonymous said...

I know very little about soccer (football) in Europe, but I have the impression that many fans are ugly.

Anonymous said...

Football/Soccer fans have a long history of being a hooligan "culture", in effect a substitute for tribal warfare. It has a given a very bad name to the countries they represent, especially in Europe and South America.
Those in charge of the "sport" should indeed come down heavily on crass and hooligan behavior, whether on a Paris metro train or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Any responsibility by the football club should cease at the gates of the ground. What happens outside of the ground is outside their control. The same should apply to schools.

Anonymous said...

7:52 If fans are wearing Club insignia and clearly announcing themselves as members of the Club, especially en-masse, whether in or out of the Club grounds, the Club authorities must obvioulsy be concerned for the Club's public image and should take appropriate action to stop it, and if necessary take away membership or entry to matches.