Monday, March 02, 2015

JetBlue under fire for tasteless 'Oh, the Bluemanity' tweet about the Hindenburg

JetBlue have been fiercely criticised after Tweeting an ill-advised pun referencing the Hindenburg disaster.  To its 1.9 million followers on Twitter, the no-frills US airline wrote 'Oh, the Bluemanity' as it showed of the designs on its aircraft tail.

The phrase was a take on when radio announcer Herbert Morrison exclaimed 'Oh, the humanity!' in 1937 when he reported on the terrible disaster that left 36 people dead.

Almost immediately after the poorly thought-out Tweet went live, users rounded on the company expressing their shock at the reference.

Twitter user Joey White was quick to point out that while JetBlue were quick to delete, the internet 'never forgets' while most described the Tweet as 'the ultimate faux pas.'

JetBlue spokesman Morgan Johnston told the Daily News: 'We recognized it was an error. It was not well thought out, and we removed it.'

The company then proceeded to reply back to users who had seriously questioned the logic of posting such a message.



Anonymous said...

Some Public Relations people are not very well educated.

Anonymous said...

I find it amazing that so many people have this depth of historical knowledge. Then again it may only be a small handful getting the outrage ball rolling and a larger mass of follow the leader types joining in.

slinky said...

These offended people are the same ones that used to passive agressively start a bar fight and quietly slip out and enjoy the melee that ensues.

Bird of Paradise said...

There's nothing funny about people dying in a disaster

Anonymous said...

Remember that phrase if Jet Blue drop a plane out of the sky.