Monday, March 16, 2015

UK: Commons Speaker in hot water after comparing top Tory Esther McVey to a WASHING MACHINE that never stops

House of Commons Speaker John Bercow has been accused of sexism after likening a female minister to a kitchen appliance. Mr Bercow said the Conservative Employment Minister Esther McVey was like 'washing machine' that keeps going just when it appears to have stopped.

He intervened as the former GMTV presenter was giving her fourteenth response to questions in the Commons.

Miss McVey was answering a question on mental health, Mr Bercow interjected to ask her to hurry up.  He said: 'I am reminded of the feeling when one thinks the washing machine will stop — but it does not!'

Ealing North Labour MP Stephen Pound said: 'A washing machine metaphor for a woman minister is seldom a good idea. Let's see how he spins his way out of this one!'

Angie Bray, Conservative MP for Ealing Central and Acton, said it was an 'unnecessarily rude' put-down.  She said: 'I'm not sure it's for him to criticise the style in which she chooses to answer her questions.'



Anonymous said...

Some people do appear to be interminable speakers.

Anonymous said...

Sure sounds like MP Pound is a sexist pig. He also said: "Let's see how he spins ...", funny guy.

Bird of Paradise said...

Liberals are like fuacets always running off at the mouth