Friday, March 06, 2015

Antisemitic Senior BBC journalist

No great surprise there

BBC journalist Jeremy Bowen has come under fire after accusing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of 'playing the Holocaust card'.

The Middle East editor posted his comments on Twitter during the politician's speech at the U.S. Congress.

His tweet sparked outrage, with critics labelling the veteran journalist a 'slime bag' and calling his statement 'deplorable'.

But the senior journalist has responded to his attackers and said claims he is anti-Semitic are 'untrue and offensive'.

Mr Bowen made his claim after highlighting how Prime Minister Netanyahu had referenced U.S. professor Elie Wisel, a survivor the Auschwitz, Buna and Buchenwald Nazi concentration camps.

He wrote: '#NetanyahuSpeech He acknowledged Elie Wiesel in audience. Once again Netanyahu plays the holocaust card. don't repeat mistakes of the past'.

The UK-based campaign group, North West Friends of Israel, also expressed anger.

It tweeted: 'err-'Holocaust card'? The holocaust wasn't a game, Jeremy. Maybe take a trip to Europe again to see how world treated Jews.'

Mr Bowen has been the BBC's Middle East editor since 2005, having previously been based in Israel's capital Jerusalem as a correspondent.



Anonymous said...

if Iran gets the bomb and uses it, there will be a holocaust. I don't see how referencing that term is unrealistic. Netanyahu is right to be concerned.

Use the Name, Luke said...


There are differences between what Iran wants and the Holocaust.

1) The Nazis moved Jews into ghettos first. Modern Jews are moving themselves to Israel.

2) The Nazis started by killing Jews with bullets, but that was too inefficient, so they moved to gas chambers and ovens. The Iranians want to use nuclear weapons, for much greater efficiency.

3) The goal was to kill all the Jews. The goal is to kill all the Jews.

… uh … wait …

Anonymous said...

What else could be expected of the Big Brother Corporation than to espouse anti-sematic views. Their support for Hamas and Hezbollah make that obvious. Like the Australian Bullshit Corporation they both need to cease their propaganda and become truly balanced (like that would ever happen) or sold of and privatised. Listening to the lefties squeal would be music to my ears.

slinky said...

What has Israel ever done for the United States? It seems like a one-sided "friendship".

stinky said...

What has Israel ever done for the United States?

Took out Saddam's nuke plant, for starters.

Go Away Bird said...

Stinky.The attack on the USS LIBERTY

Anonymous said...

Liberals are perfect, at least in their own warped minds.

slinky said...

"Took out Saddam's nuke plant, for starters."

And how did this benefit the taxpayers and voters of the United States? I did not get a dime from that.