Friday, March 27, 2015

Australia:  Must not mention that many small businesses are run by Indians

When India is playing, there is a huge stream of brown men to the cricket ground.  Cricket is a religion for Indians.  You do wonder how their businesses keep going at such times.  Wives take  over, I guess

KARL Stefanovic has done it again.The Today Show host, famous for his on-air gaffes, was interviewing a bunch of Indian cricket fans this morning ahead of today’s World Cup semi-final between Australia and India at the SCG [Sydney Cricket Ground].

“I was just gonna ask ... Who’s going to be manning 7-Elevens today?” asked Stefanovic.

One of the Indian fans being interviewed laughed off the comment before firing back with, “I’m not sure about who’s going to be manning 7-Elevens but you might have to look at Centrelink [welfare office] as well I think Karl”.

The witty retort amused Stefanovic, who cracked up laughing and said, “You beauty”.

In a statement to, a Today Show spokesperson said: “It was all light hearted banter in the segment from both sides of the fence and in the context of the fierce rivalry which will be played out on the pitch of the SCG this afternoon. We can confirm that in post-show, private conversations between Karl and the guest, no offence was taken on either side.”



Bird of Paradise said...

Hindus who worhip Monkeys,Elephants and Cows have a reverence for Rats then let their kids starve PETA would love Hinduism

Anonymous said...

If you are Cankles Clinton or drunk Uncle Joe Biden you can make racist public jokes and get away with it. Why not suggest who will be seeing patients since a disproportionate percentage of healthcare workers are Indian?