Sunday, March 29, 2015

Australian footballer mentions that a lot of taxis in Australia are driven by Indians -- immediate outrage

Indians are passionate followers of cricket so when their own national team is playing, it is likely that a lot of taxi drivers were at the cricket ground instead of driving. Taxi driving in Australia is casual work so they would be entitled to do that

Former Australian rugby union captain Tim Horan has joined Today Show host Karl Stefanovic at the centre of racism accusations after making comments about the World Cup Cricket that were deemed offensive to Indians.

Horan, who is now a commentator for Fox Sports, posted on social media before Thursday's semi-final between India and Australia at the Sydney Cricket Ground: 'What are the chances of getting a taxi in Sydney later today #taxidrivers #india #worldcup #cricket'.

The tweet prompted an immediate backlash on social media with some labelling the joke 'atrocious' and 'offensive'.

Julie Cole asked: 'Can you clarify what you mean by this tweet? Because I'm thinking you're a racist idiot.'

Dean said: 'Joking about getting a taxi whilst India are playing cricket is a timeless joke. Lay off Tim Horan.'

Buffalochicken wrote: 'I assume you have a brain. If so, how did you think your comment was not offensive?'

However, many others have defended Horan's 'racist' joke, with Gavin tweeting: 'I saw your Tweet. Nothing in it. People need to settle down.'

Bari said: 'Oh... I just thought you meant it would be busy.'

The backlash prompted Horan to remove comment before tweeting an apology, saying: 'Hi all earlier tweet today was an innocent error... never meant to offend anyone.'



Anonymous said...

So now joking about an obvious reality is "racist". At the hospital where I work, there is a large number of Filipino nurses. When there is a championship boxing match involving a Filipino boxer, the hospital actually has a number of extra nurses available to work to cover all the sick calls.

Anonymous said...

Should have held the semi-final in Melbourne. The Somali's who drive the taxis are into cricket, mind you a lot of convenience stores would have been closed for the day.

Anonymous said...

pretty much anything said these days offends someone. Everyone need to lighten up!