Sunday, March 08, 2015

London Underground bans poster for acclaimed Jewish play titled 'Bad Jews' because it 'could cause offence'

Adverts for a Jewish play which received five-star reviews in one of the religion's newspapers have been banned from the London Underground because they 'could cause offence'.

Transport for London (TfL) decided that posters of Joshua Harmon's acclaimed production, Bad Jews, contravened its policy following an investigation by an advertising regulator.

The poster for the comedy, which is about a family brought together after the death of their Holocaust-survivor grandfather, shows four characters in a quarrel on the floor.

One complaint was made to the the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) during the play's first campaign, but the regulator concluded that the poster did not breach rules.

However, TfL disagreed with the ASA's ruling and told the Evening Standard it would not clarify the precise reason for the rejection.

Producer Danny Moar has blasted TfL's decision, saying it seemed like 'censorship', despite the play winning a five-star review for the Jewish Chronicle.

He told the paper: 'Half the cast are Jewish, I'm Jewish, the writer is Jewish and the word "bad" in the title, in so far as it matters, doesn't mean "evil" — it means "non-observant". [i.e. not religious]



Anonymous said...

The politically correct are ever ready to take offense on the part of others who are not actually offended.

Anonymous said...

I am still waiting for the lawsuits against the movies 'Bad Teacher' and 'Bad Santa'.

Anonymous said...

Given the level of anti-Semitism generally found in UK bureaucracy this ruling is unusual.