Wednesday, March 11, 2015

"Buffalo" is a racist word

A Native American group is calling on “Buffalo, New York” to change its racist, insensitive name.

Pundit Press reported:

Mark Beasley, a member of the Navajo Nation, has started a petition for Buffalo, NY to change its “racist and offensive” name. According to Beasley, he speaks for his “Native American colleagues.”

Beasley writes in his petition that “Buffalo is the name of the animal that was driven almost to extinction by the non-Native forces in order to annihilate and drive out my ancestors from the American landscape.”

Further, “Within only a few years from the beginning of the campaign, all Native nations were driven off their lands and into reservations, where we have prior and since been unduly subjugated and exposed to genocidal horrors unimaginable to the rest of the world and throughout history.”

For these reasons, Beasley writes, Buffalo “should change their offensive and racist names containing the word “Buffalo.””



Anonymous said...

The complaint is from a Navaho? That is a people who did NOT use, rely or depend on the Buffalo at all!

slinky said...

This was a joke. You can see an explanation here.

The author, Mark Beasley, appears to be a real person and a real Navajo. Except if it’s the same guy, he’s merely a jokester.

A pro-Redskins-name website has a video from a Navajo named Mark Beasley proudly supporting the name.

So most of us fell for the joke. It was an attempt to poke fun at the hypersensitivity that liberals wade in every day.

But that conservative media (and mainstream media) fell for the joke and believed it is scarier than if the petition were legitimate.

slinky said...

The link above did not take. Sorry about that

Bird of Paradise said...

Can anyone remember back when that Penn State student was expelled for using the term WATER BUFFALO to some black women making that noise while he was studying? He was readmited one the public got wind of it

Use the Name, Luke said...

When I read the summary, I was really hoping it was satire. Thanks slinky, for pointing out that it really is.

You can add this one to petitions banning dihydrogen-monoxide.

Or this one: Petition to repeal the Bill of Rights