Tuesday, March 24, 2015

British government prescribes what thoughts are allowed

Well, almost. The British government has just produced the guidance for its “Prevent” scheme for education, which aims to stop young people from being drawn into “extremism”.

The elite at Oxford and Cambridge have been granted a specific exemption, allowing them to hear dangerous ideas that might corrupt the ordinary youth, and universities haven’t been given specific guidance on what they may teach.

Colleges of further education, on the other hand, have been told that “All relevant curriculum areas will need to be engaged, with a single contact point for delivery of Prevent-related activity.” This so that students are not exposed to arguments that involve

“active opposition to fundamental British values, including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and the mutual tolerance of different faiths and beliefs.”

I suppose it will be news to some that these are “British” values, particularly if they are Irish or live in the former colonies. But leaving that aside, it looks like Plato is off the menu and to make sure:

“Compliance with the duty will be monitored centrally via the Home Office and through appropriate inspection regimes in each sector.”

Well, that’s freedom for you.



Anonymous said...

The liberal elite in the UK have no more idea of true "British Values" than they do of the rest of modern reality.


Use the Name, Luke said...

So instead of "Ministry of Truth", they're calling it the "Home Office". When is the first edition of the NewSpeak dictionary supposed to be published?

slinky said...

"When is the first edition of the NewSpeak dictionary supposed to be published?"

After you have come back from Room 101. 😏

Dean said...

Coming next: an always on combination television/cctv for every house.

Anonymous said...

Absolute nonsense! Don't they realize that by avoiding those topics, the students will not get to debate or discuss the ideas in a large group where the downside of such extremism can be pointed out. Instead they will hear it one on one from the people promoting such ideas and never hear a counter argument.

Bird of Paradise said...

And even while they open their borders to countless muslim radicals

Dean said...

Anon 4:37 "avoiding those topics" - you've hit the nail on the head.

Sounds like my buddy's dad when sex ed in high school was mentioned. As close as I can quote him, "Teach them about sex and they'll want to do it." Too late. At 15 most guys were already interested. And, given the girls who went to visit relatives "for their health" at least a few of them were also.

The same goes for those who might be excited about joining extremist groups. They hear about it on the news, listen to adults talk about it, see it in movies. Best the subject is allowed to be discussed so a balanced view can be given.

Anonymous said...

Allowing select university students who have already become indoctrinated by the left to be exposed to these ideas is hardly going to counter anti-British culture. It is more likely to encourage recruiters for radical ideologies, especially ISIL.

M.C. Bird said...

Thank god america is no longer a british subject otherwise we would be stuck with this P.C. poppycock but we still have leftists collage adminastarors

Use the Name, Luke said...


LOL! Well done!


They're already here. They're made by Microsoft and called the Kinect and Xbox One.


One of the problems of forbidding discussion of certain topics is that there are people who prefer whatever is forbidden. To them, if it is forbidden, then it must be worthwhile.

Think of all the "What your {doctor/dentist/teacher/mechanic/etc./etc./etc.} doesn't want you to know" ads that infest the internet. If that tactic didn't work, those ads would (mercifully) go away.