Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Lesbian, Jewish, Muslim… and orangutan: The bizarre list of words Nutella has banned from jars in France

A French marketing campaign by Nutella has backfired after banning the word 'lesbian'.

The 'Say it with Nutella' campaign allowed customers to have a name or message written on a jar of the chocolate spread, which they could then share with friends on social media.

But the words 'lesbian', 'Jewish' and 'orangutan' are all banned from being emblazoned on the pots, it has been discovered.

But users realised that there is a long list of words banned, which bizarrely does not allow 'lesbian' but permits the word 'gay'.

The word 'Christian' can also be written on the jars, but other religious terms such as 'Jewish' and 'Muslim' have been banned by Nutella, Pink News reported.

Health-related terms, presumably in case any one tried to blame the hazelnut spread on obesity, have also been banned, including the words 'cancer' and 'diabetes'.

Ferrero said in a statement: 'By giving customers the opportunity to personalise their Nutella jar we want to create a way for them to share enthusiasm for the brand.

'Negative or insulting terms were directly removed from the options field. Similarly, terms of communities that are often subject to attacks by malicious people were removed from the possibilities.'



Bird of Paradise said...

Sissies,French Sissies

Anonymous said...

Censorship, what a way to project your brand in the market place.