Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Obnoxious rant by customer at hamburger joint in Australia

A 19-year-old man from Gawler has been captured on camera racially attacking innocent Hungry Jacks staff and refusing their service at an Adelaide store.

The incident was filmed by a customer in the Rundle St. store on Friday at 5.10 pm and shows a man dressed in jeans and a black T-shirt attempting to place an order at the counter.

The man tells staff, 'I want it made by a white person,' and then refuses service.

Another Hungry Jacks customer can be heard asking the man 'what's wrong with a Chinese guy making your burger?', to which the man says 'everything, you don't belong here'.

The man then abuses a female staff member after she asks him to leave. He can be heard saying 'at least I'm born here c---, where do you come from, f---ing Africa or Asia? Disgusting.'

The tirade is brought to an end when another customer grabs the man and physically removes him from the shop whilst saying 'We are all f---ing Australian.'

Police were called shortly after the incident took place and given a description of the man by other customers.  The man was arrested a short distance away and charged with disorderly behaviour.


He is entitled to ask for what he wants but is not entitled to get it.  And there is no excuse for rudeness to servers  -- unless they are rude first.


slinky said...

This guy is certainly a dick.

Anonymous said...

The customer who ejected him said it best.

Bird of Paradise said...

A real liberal person

John Mill said...

I have no idea why this story is on this site.
I has nothing to do with the First Amendment.

Anonymous said...

Yes it has everything to do with free speech. You can say what you like but other people don't have to tolerate it when it is defined as hate speech as it is in Australia. Besides he was only charged with drunk and disorderly.

John Mill said...

No 8:32, it has nothing to do with free speech unless every stupid drunken rant has to do with free speech.
As you say, this guy wasn't even charged with racial vilification - he was charged with disorderly conduct - which seems about right.