Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Must not mention the Irish liking for booze

Ireland's Prime Minister has taken offence to a St Patrick's Day video message from [Australian] Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has told an Irish newspaper he had watched Mr Abbott's video and rejected the perception that Ireland was synonymous with alcohol.

Mr Abbott prompted criticism last week for the video message, in which he awkwardly describes St Patrick's Day as the one day when "it's good to be green".  He proclaims Ireland's most famous day "a great day for the Irish, and the English, the Vietnamese, the Cambodians and everyone who cares to come to a party".

Mr Abbott signs off his message with an apology that "I can't be there to share a Guinness or two or maybe even three".

Mr Kenny said he had heard Mr Abbott's comments and he didn't agree with them.  "I've heard the Prime Minister's comments. He made them. I don't agree with that," he was reported as saying in the Irish Independent.

Defence Minister Kevin Andrews also drew a link between St Patrick's Day and alcohol consumption, tweeting a picture of himself holding a can of Guinness.

After the video was released last week, two St Patrick's Day events decided not to screen the message after it made headlines in Ireland, with critics describing it as "patronising".



Anonymous said...

As an Irishman proud of his heritage, I can only say some of you may think the Irish over imbibe; I'm not denying it, but I resent it.

Bird of Paradise said...

Showing the irish as drunks is just steriotipical

Anonymous said...

I enjoy a Guinness or two. That doesn't make a drunk or Irish. I think the Irish PM should pull his head in and celebrate the fact that non-Irish people around the world like to celebrate St Pat's day.