Tuesday, March 31, 2015

An amusing attempt at censorship

A business that writes students' essays for them wrote to Sean Gabb, a British libertarian, as follows:

I am emailing on behalf of http://www.essaywriter.co.uk/.

We have recently been reviewing all of the links to our site and have decided to try to remove any that could possibly be marked by Google as unnatural. Whilst this isn’t suggesting that your link to us isn’t natural we just want to be as cautious as possible.

Would you be able to help us by either removing or adding a nofollow to any links you have to us? This is what we found linking to us: –


Please let me know if you are able to help us with this and what we need to do to get the link removed.

Sean Gabb replied:

I have no idea how, if at all, you were linked to from my site. However, I do not see that it is your business to decide who links to your site. I will also point out that, where “unnaturalness” may be concerned, I run an educational charity recognised for tax purposes by HMRC, and your main business appears to be helping students to evade the proper consequences of their idleness or illiteracy or both.

In short, I find your request impertinent, and propose to give it no further attention.


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