Thursday, March 05, 2015

TX:  Must not mention lynching

It would appear that the guy below was sympathetic to blacks and was trying to makes excuses for them -- but you are not allowed to mention lynching for any reason, apparently

The superintendent of the Smithville Independent School District plans to fire a teacher because of a racially insensitive remark made to a classroom full of students last week.

Parents say a handful of black students were dismissed from class on Feb. 26 to help put together a Black History Month celebration at the school. When the students left the classroom, parents say a white student asked why they couldn't be dismissed as well. That's when the teacher responded by asking if that student's realtives were "hanging from trees in the front yard."

The school district placed the teacher on administrative leave Friday. District officials say the teacher will remain on administrative leave until the legal termination process is completed.



Stan B said...

If the teacher were black, this would not be an issue, and the white kids would be sent for re-education.

stinky said...

As is oft the case, this looks like a teacher that the Super wanted to fire anyway. The flippant rudeness and condescension directed at the parents are probably just one example as to why.

Bird of Paradise said...

The Superintendent needs suspended for the rest of the school year

Anonymous said...

When the white population is no longer a majority, in 5 yrs supposedly, will white history month commence?

slinky said...

White history month should be in December. "I'm dreaming of a WHITE Christmas..."

Olaf Koenders said...

There's nothing more racist than minority groups.