Thursday, March 12, 2015

UK: Eccentric old man avoids jail for racist rant at police officer

Ross Vodden, 53, kissed a woman who he did not know in the street, and then swore at a policeman, calling him ‘n*****’ and ‘black c***' when the officer confronted him about the incident, Westminster Magistrates’ Court was told.

The court heard that on 14 September 2014 Vodden had caused alarm after he planted a kiss on a stranger in Brook Street, Westminster.

Malachy Packenham, prosecuting, said: ‘Police were made aware that the woman had been kissed on the lips by another member of the public as he passed her on the street.

‘An officer went to speak to the male, who immediately became aggressive and confrontational.’

In his rage Vodden called the police officer a ‘f***ing black c***,’ a ‘n*****,’ and a ‘black b******’, as around 20 people stood nearby.

Following his conviction Vodden, who appeared at court today wearing a black bomber jacket emblazoned with colourful symbols and multi-coloured leg warmers, was handed a suspended prison sentence for the incident.

District Judge Richard Blake warned he would be sent to prison if convicted of another outburst.


He probably got off lightly because he is so decrepit and probably mentally ill


Anonymous said...

If they have a means of support the courts just turn them out again and again because the jails are overcrowded. In the bad old days a nightstick tango would have probably deterred the recurrence of this type of action without permanent damage.


Anonymous said...

53 is " old "? Hell, he's just a kid as far as I'm concerned.

stinky said...

A full mental and physical checkup was in order here.

Bird of Paradise said...

It seams that the old soviet union isnt quite as dead as were were lead to beleive

Anonymous said...

Wow, those police are really on the job. A man kissed a stranger, horrors! Now that the public is safe from the mad kisser! is anything being done about muslim violence against women?

slinky said...


You would probably not mind some random person with a communicable disease giving you a big smack on the lips, eh?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the news media or the courts are intentionally trying to make it seem like it is illegal to insult a police officer in order to get us ready for the idea, while the real problem was him possibly kissing a stranger without that person acting as if there was consent.