Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Fury as Leftist MP calls Scots Nationalist leader 'wee lass in tin helmet'

A Labour MP has received a dressing down from his own party after he described Nicola Sturgeon as ‘the wee lass with the tin helmet on’. Party whip David Hamilton was accused of sexism after he made the ‘disgraceful slur’ about the First Minister in a speech at Scottish Labour’s spring conference.

The remark, which is thought to be a reference to the SNP leader’s height and haircut, was greeted with laughter by party members in the audience.

Mr Hamilton, who is a whip at Westminster, was later ‘pulled up’ about his comments by deputy Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale at a women’s event.

During an address to the meeting in Edinburgh on Saturday, Mr Hamilton said the party ‘has got to change’ in Scotland.

Speaking about the General Election campaign, he said: ‘We’ve got to go out there and not just be negative about the SNP because that’s very easy to do when you see the wee lass with the tin helmet on.’

He finished the speech, which he said would be his last to the party’s conference as an MP, by saying: ‘Let’s stick it to the SNP.’

SNP politicians immediately demanded that Mr Hamilton be disciplined. Scottish health secretary Shona Robison wrote to Miss Dugdale on Twitter: ‘Not impressed with David Hamilton MPs sexist comments today, were you?’

Miss Dugdale replied: ‘No and he was pulled up about it at the women’s reception’. She added that Mr Hamilton had attended the event to ‘hear the feedback’.

Owen Thompson, the SNP candidate who is hoping to become the MP in Mr Hamilton’s Midlothian seat, said: ‘This sexist comment - and the reaction in the hall at Labour Conference - proves that the dinosaurs are sadly still roaming the Labour Party in Scotland.’

Miss Sturgeon, who is thought to be around 5ft 4in, became Scottish First Minister last year after Alex Salmond stepped down following the independence referendum

Last night a Scottish Labour spokesman said: ‘David Hamilton acknowledged his comment was inappropriate immediately after he made it.



Anonymous said...

Political correctness becomes more ridiculous all the time.

Bird of Paradise said...

Anon 1:29 Politcal Correctness is just another word for Socialism

Anonymous said...

If that's the worst you hear in the run up to the election then the PC police have their knickers twisted. You will hear far worse in Parliament.