Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Lingerie campaign by Victoria's Secret sparks outrage on Twitter over use of the phrase 'perfect body'

Lingerie brand Victoria's Secret has come under fire for an 'irresponsible' advert for their new 'push up denim range of bras.

Featuring Angels Behati Prinsloo, Lily Aldridge and the face of the brands new perfume Jasmine Tookes, the ad looks much like the many others released by the brand over the years, with the three sculpted abs, gazelle like legs and perfect white teeth smiling out at us.

But what has upset many is the wording used across the poster, which states simply 'The Perfect Body'.

It is this implication that the nigh un-achievable figures of the models, who often tower over 5ft 10in, is the ultimate shape for women that has prompted outrage.

So strong in fact is the strength of feeling about the wording of the advert that a petition has been launched urging the lingerie brand to take it down.


I would have thought that the ad was a weapon in the war on obesity.  It gives the message that slim is beautiful  -- which it is.  Fat certainly isn't


Liz said...

Sounds like Victoria Secret needs to design a line of panties that don't constantly end up in a wad. Seriously, it just seems that constantly looking for reasons to be pissed off is a miserable way to live your life. I am a woman, and a bit overweight. I really don't give a flip about these commercials. It's not about me. Everything everyone does is NOT ABOUT ME. I don't look at every ad campaign and think about how it could be interpreted to be about, and therefore insulting to ME. Sheesh. Get a grip and a life.

Bird of Paradise said...

If liberals built a boat it would sink in the harbor becuase of all the hole in it

Anonymous said...

This really falls back on the advertising company.

If you look at the ads, the campaign is "Perfect 'Body.'"

"Body" is the name of the line of undergarments that will fit any woman to give her the look that she wants. Emphasize what she wants. Hide what she wants.

Thus, "Body" is the "perfect" line for all women.

The ads don't make that clear which is a fault of the advertising company.

That being said, it is also the fault of the professional whiners and complainers who saw the ads and instead of looking into the product, ran with the idea that they were "offended."

Bad ad and silly consumers adds up to a false controversy.

Anonymous said...

Feminazi's with their knickers knotted again.

Anonymous said...

5' 10" is too short.


Go Away Bird said...

Femanazis being Knotty again