Thursday, November 06, 2014

"Colored" is a bad word

I wonder what the NAACP think of that?

A middle school teacher in Guntown, Mississippi, allegedly referred to two of the students as “colored” back in October while threatening to send them to the office for making jokes in class.

It’s just the latest in a long list of racist remarks or actions directed at Black students in American classrooms. At a time when academics and educational experts are studying the most effective ways to lift the academic success of Black students, these incidents highlight the precarious position Black students are in when their educational success depends on a classroom leader who may actually despise them.

Dominique Witherspoon and Paris Howell were the two girls targeted by the teacher’s comments and the worst part is that they will still be facing that same teacher every day during the school year.

Despite both girls saying the teacher’s comments were hurtful and make them feel uncomfortable, the girls’ parents say the instructor has not been fired.

It all started when the two girls were joking around in class.

The teacher told the girls to quiet down, but the jokes continued on.

According to Witherspoon, that’s when the teacher said, “Be quiet before I send your colored selves to the office.”



Anonymous said...

Oh, the terrible abuse of it !
Some kids think that they can do whatever they like and then yell racism if they are criticized.

Jerry Doctor said...

If you say "colored people" you are a racist. (No, no, no - it's NAACP and the letters don't stand for anything.)

If you say "people of color" you are enlightened. (Although your use of the English language seems to leave something to be desired.)

Anonymous said...

The teacher should be reprimanded for her lack of clarity, "colored" is meaningless. White, brown, black , yellow, red, & green are colors.


Bird of Paradise said...

Our schools total'y suck becuase of this PC nonsense

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

3:11 pm - Met Hilary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman Shultz have you?

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, blacks are underperforming in the classroom because their teachers all hate them.
Couldn't be because of poverty, single-parent homes, crime, historical educational disadvantage or anything else... no, just because their teachers are all racists.

Go Away Bird said...

The NAACP will now have to take the C out of their name becuase it means COLORED