Friday, November 28, 2014

Must not speak the truth about black thugs

(Hopkins is a British TV personality and a newspaper columnist)

Katie Hopkins has sparked controversy once more by saying police officer Darren Wilson should 'get a medal' for shooting unarmed black teenager Michael Brown who she called 'a thief and a thug'.

'Brown was not shot for being black. Brown was shot for being a thief and a thug. Give the officer a medal. Justice with knobs on,' Ms Hopkins wrote.

In response, several Twitter users accused Ms Hopkins of 'attention seeking', 'antagonizing', and trying too hard'.

Ms Hopkins, whose post has been favourited 306 times and had 264 retweets so far, is not the first person to tweet her opinion on the controversial case.

When St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCullough announced the grand jury's conclusion that 'no probable cause exists' to indict Officer Darren Wilson at 8.30pm CT, around 52,200 tweets per minute were posted.



Anonymous said...

It's time for the black community to stop playing the victim and tell people like Al Sharpton where go. They need to educate their children, crack down gangs and drugs within there community and stop living the stereotype. Every successful black person is ridiculed and ragged back to the gutter by those in the black community who are jealous. Michael Brown because he was a thief and a thug, not because he was black. There are many more like him.

Anonymous said...

Blacks have made it quite clear they want to be judged by the color of their skin, not the content of their character. They do this every time they throw the race card. If any of the "brothers" are successful, outside of the entertainment fields, they are acting white. If any challenge the the party line of victimization and entitlement they're Uncle Toms'. 150 years after slaveries end, they are slaves to their own sloth and stupidity.

Painting with too broad a brush? OK, let's just say I'm talking about the 95 to 98% who vote for the party that loves to trade welfare for votes.

Anonymous said...

Liberal black "leaders" are the most racist.

Anonymous said...

I keep hearing how he was "unarmed". I weigh 160lbs. A muscular 300lb man can easily kill me or the officer in the middle of this mess without a weapon. Where are the "witnesses" who claimed the officer shot him in the back. They are changing their story saying they didn't really see what happened. They should be prosecuted for inciting a riot.

Anonymous said...

The current leftist hype is that it doesn't matter that Michael Brown was a thug, never put his hands up and never said 'don't shoot'. All that matters is that he is now hero in they eyes of the lefties and blacks. Truth has nothing to do with it and the MSM supports their lies.

Anonymous said...

Right on 5:27.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Trayvon and Mike can play a game of pick up in hell?

Bird of Paradise said...

Anon 4:20 they would have plenty of company to Hiltler,Stalin,Mao,Pol Pot and Ho Chi Mhin