Friday, November 21, 2014

BBC Radio Norfolk host sparks rape outrage by claiming women should 'keep their knickers on' during debate on rapist footballer

Nick Conrad, a talk show host, has apologised following the live discussion about the future of rapist Evans - a former Sheffield United footballer, who was freed from jail last month.

Married father-of-one Mr Conrad, 29, said on his phone-in show that if women 'don't wish to give out the wrong signals, it's best probably to keep your knickers on and not get into bed' with a man.

He also said: 'It's the old adage about if you yank a dog's tail don't be surprised when it bites you.'


I don't particularly agree with his remarks but they represent a widely held view so should be debated, not penalized


Stan B said...

When did it become Politically Incorrect to suggest that women are responsible for their own safety, sobriety, and behavior?

I dared to make the suggestion on Social Media that, given the fact that some men are total jerks, women must learn to avoid them.

I was immediately beset upon by feminists accusing me of blaming the victim.

The logic - that if you want to avoid bar fights, you stay out of bars - escapes them entirely. Apparently MEN are responsible for stopping themselves from assaulting women, regardless of how women behave, what stupid chances they take, or what "signals" they send.

This would be the equivalent of banks storing huge sums of money in the manager's office and then not locking any of the doors at night, then blaming the robbers for taking advantage of the situation.

Anonymous said...

Well, it boils down to mutual responsibility for personal behavior (whether men or women).

Bird of Paradise said...