Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Rapper Nicki Minaj accused of 'glorifying Hitler' over alleged  use of Nazi imagery in her latest video

All the people in the video have African features:  A long way from blond-haired, blue-eyed Nazis

Rapper Nicki Minaj has been accused of blatantly using Nazi imagery and ‘glorifying Hitler’ in the newly released video for her song Only, which also features Chris Brown, Drake and Lil Wayne.

The animated video, which features Minaj as a dictator, is clearly inspired by the black and white Nazi-propaganda films of German director Leni Riefenstahl.

An army of soldiers wear red armbands reminiscent of those worn by the Nazis [or the Communists], while large red banner flags appear with an overlapping Y-M symbol in a design eerily similar to a swastika.

YM stands for Young Money, the record label founded by rapper Lil Wayne, who appears in the video as industrialist Henry Ford, along with Drake who appears as the Pope, while Chris Brown appears as a military leader.

'Hey @NickiMinaj thanks for the blatant Nazi imagery in your new video! really great allusion to persecution & genocide' tweeted Melissa Morgan.

On Reddit, was video was discussion is length under the heading 'The new Nicki Minaj video Only is glorifying Nazism and Hitler'.

Minaj, who hosted the MTV Europe Music Awards in Glasgow, Scotland on Sunday evening, has yet to respond to the criticism.



Bird of Paradise said...

Liberal make hay over this while ignoring leftists rappers like Boots McFaden who did a front over of his CD called PARTY MUSIC which depects him pressing a button and the WTC explodes in the background

Anonymous said...

"eerily similar to a swastika"
I have looked at that YM a dozen times and even with my glasses off and squinting, I cannot get it to look like a swastika. I must not be one of those perpetually offended types.


Go Away Bird said...

In some cultures the swastika is a religious symbol

Anonymous said...

I notice the third frame appears to show Minaj atop the Brandenburg Gates flashing a unflattering near naked fat butt? What is it a with black and fat butt's? Trying to emulate that over rated tart Kardashian no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Most African states are brutal dictatorships - so it's an appropriate representation!

Jub Jub Bird said...

Annon 3:31. Especialy under ROBERT MUGABEE

slinky said...

Any type of imagery is offensive to somebody. Life before the internet was much more simple.