Sunday, November 16, 2014

Must not sell war memorabilia

There is quite a lively trade in war memorabilia, including Nazi memorabilia, but this one is out of line for some unknown reason

Original Nazi Christmas decorations used by the SS have sparked outrage after appearing on an online auction site.

The four Christmas Tree baubles which are described as 'fancy' are red with the Nazi Swastika painted in the centre of a white circle.

Appearing on the Czech Republic website Aukro, the seller who identifies himself as Anti95 says they are 'original decorations used by SS units over 70 years ago' and are being offered at a starting price of £59.

He wrote: 'I offer Christmas decorations of SS units.  'The decorations are authentic and not damaged. 'They are made of blown glass and they are in original colours and good condition. He added: 'The offer is for collecting purposes only.'

But the decorations have caused fury both online and across the Czech Republic which was annexed by Hitler in 1938 and not liberated until the end of the war.

Commenting on the auction website's Facebook page, disgusted Jana Bodinkova said: 'It makes me sick.  'My granddad would cry if he saw this.  'It is incredible that we have something like this here now.'

Vaclav Ceska, 59, from the capital Prague said: 'This is is absolutely disgraceful.

The owner of the baubles claimed he was 'not a member of any movement aimed at suppressing human rights and freedoms or the movement which support national, racial or class hatred to other group of people'  'I don't support movements like the SS either.'



Anonymous said...

I guess museums across the world should be emptied of relics from all regimes throughout history that people today now find offensive.
(Btw. Czech-land was hardly liberated after WWII when simply re-occupied and oppressed by the USSR.)

Anonymous said...

I fail to see what difference it makes to sell these as opposed to say an Iron Cross or Helmut or other militaria of that era? Is it the fact that they are Christmas decorations that truly cause the most offense? Sell them to an Arab, they were great friends of the Nazi's.

Use the Name, Luke said...

Nazi memorabilia was collected by the soldiers that put a stop to the Nazis. Why should this memorabilia be any different?

It's not like there's anything magical about objects.

Forget the Name, Luke said...

"It's not like there's anything magical about objects."

Like the Bible.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ! - looks like Luke's been snookered by 4:09 AM

Bird of Paradise said...

A whole load of coal for whinny little liberals

Anonymous said...

I wonder if those outraged by the sale of SS trinkets which can not harm anyone are equally outraged by the sale of cigarettes and alcohol which can and do destroy people's lives every day.