Monday, November 17, 2014

Watch your shirt!

A moment of triumph for humanity spoilt by small-minded feminists

The British scientist on the Rosetta Project who came under fire over wearing a shirt with semi-dressed cartoons while appearing on TV after the Philae landing, has apologised.

Dr Matt Taylor spoke about the European Space Agency's mission to land a robot on a comet for the first time in history, while dressed in a colourful bowling shirt featuring scantily clad women.

Soon afterwards, #shirtgate and slightly more humorous #shirtstorm, began trending on Twitter in response to the London-born father-of-two.

Today, during a Rosetta project briefing on the European Space Agency's YouTube channel, a visibly upset Dr Taylor addressed the internet furore and said sorry.

'I made a big mistake,' the 40-year-old, who has a PhD in space plasma physics from Imperial College London said.  'And I have offended many people. I'm very sorry about this.'

Even before the landing, the Rosetta Project scientist caused a stir on the social network because of his unorthodox appearance, involving bright shirts and an array of body art - including a tattoo on his leg of the space probe landing on the comet, which he got in January.

Many vented their anger on Twitter, claiming that Dr Taylor's choice of shirt was sexist and particularly inappropriate as science is a field long dominated by men.


Feminists always say that women should not be judged by their clothing -- but it's OK to judge men that way?

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Anonymous said...

Women judge other women for their clothing. Men judge women for their lack of clothing.
Just looking at a woman offends the boiler suit brigade.