Friday, November 28, 2014

Incorrect immigration cartoon

On Friday, we posted a Gary Varvel cartoon at that offended a wide group of readers.

Many of them labeled it as racist. Gary did not intend to be racially insensitive in his attempt to express his strong views about President Barack Obama's decision to temporarily prevent the deportation of millions of immigrants living and working illegally in the United States.

But we erred in publishing it.

The cartoon depicted an immigrant family climbing through a window of a white family's home as Thanksgiving dinner was served. I was uncomfortable with the depiction when I saw it after it was posted. We initially decided to leave the cartoon posted to allow readers to comment and because material can never truly be eliminated once it is circulating on the web. But we are removing the cartoon from the opinion section of our website, as well as an earlier version posted on Facebook that showed one character with a mustache.

This action is not a comment on the issue of illegal immigration or a statement about Gary's right to express his opinions strongly. We encourage and support diverse opinion. But the depictions in this case were inappropriate; his point could have been expressed in other ways.



Anonymous said...

Since when is the truth racism? How many of the rich elite would call the police if people climbed their fence and illegally squatted on their property? But the hypocrites encourage it on a national basis so they can have cheap labour.

Stan B said...

Maybe he should have had a Black family be the one's having to "host" the illegal immigrants?

THAT would have been closer to the point, since it is primarily low-wage, minority families that will suffer the most under this latest "immigration" fix.

Obama's motto seems to be :If it ain't broke, I will fix it until it is!

Anonymous said...

Racist? Since when is Super Mario climbing thru a window racist?

Anonymous said...

9:46 seems to have a warped definition of truth. Must be very religious.

stinky said...

1:36 is vanity trolling again. What a doof.

Anonymous said...

1:36 did not listen to the president's "this is not amnesty" speech last week or s/he'd know this is the very definition the president used. Not sure about religious. Personally, I found the president's words quite racist when he talked about "the people who make our beds and mow our lawns".

Anonymous said...

Those who mouth off about someone being racist are truly the ones who are racist. -- A Conservative Proverb

Bird of Paradise said...

Uninvited gueasts or future demacratic voters