Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ban elderly road signs

Road signs showing an old couple hunched over and struggling to cross the road should be banned because they make employers think older people are "frail and disabled".

Ros Altman, an advocate for pensioners, said the signs, which tells drivers to slow down for the elderly crossing the road, present old people as "stooped over and needing a walking stick" when the vast majority are fit and healthy.

Dr Altman wants the signs banned and plans to bring up the issue with the women and equalities minister Jo Swinson at a meeting next month.

She said: 'I would like to see the signs banned - just drop them.  "I don't understand what purpose they serve - in this day and age, do we really need a say that says 'Warning: old people?' It's not very helpful to anybody.  "It just feeds into the social stereotypes that suggest old people are disabled.


But many old people ARE slow and shaky


Anonymous said...

I live in an area popular with retiree's and most have significant mobility impairment. To say all are frail is as idiotic as saying all blacks are athletic. Statistics are fact but can be easily twisted to suit the authors intent.


Anonymous said...

Surely the intention is that some nearby people are frail, if not then the sign is indeed pointless.

Bird of Paradise said...


Anonymous said...

How stupid.
Obviously the sign means that you do not have to watch out for the sprightly seniors - only the slow frail ones!

Go Away Bird said...

Everytime i see one of the little Ped Xing signs i expect to see one of those little figures to be crossing the street

Anonymous said...

the signs aren't for the 'fit and healthy' ones, they're for the slow and unhealthy ones you morons.

Anonymous said...

Since it does not in any way say they are old, isn't it discriminatory to assume frail unsteady people are old?

President Not Sure said...

We always laughed at the sign in our neighborhood that we thought should have said
Children Ahead"

But the signs had no punctuation so most of the time it was read as "Caution
SLOW Children Ahead."