Friday, November 14, 2014

More black racism

A [black] Texas teacher has been "suspended without pay pending discharge" after accusations that she sent racially charged tweets about the incidents in Ferguson, Missouri, a representative for the Duncanville Independent School District said at a press conference.

Vinita Hegwood, a high school English teacher at Duncanville High School near Dallas, allegedly sent the tweets from her personal Twitter account Friday.

"Who the (expletive) made you dumb (expletive) crackers think I give a squat (expletive) about your opinions. #Ferguson Kill yourselves," read one of the messages.

Later that evening another tweet appeared, saying, "You exhibit nigga behavior, I'm a call you a nigga. You acting crackerish, I'm a call you a cracker." Hegwood is African-American.

It's not clear exactly to what or whom she was referring, but the protests in Ferguson, Missouri, have often hinged on race, as Michael Brown was a black teen killed by Officer Darren Wilson, a white policeman.



Anthony Billings said...

She should be fired for her inability to use the language she is supposed to be teaching.

Anonymous said...

More interesting are reports Charlie Rangel thought using the word cracker to describe the Tea Party was a term of endearment. huff post (and others)11/10/14 at 5:59 PM.

Bird of Paradise said...

Micheal Browns family along with Trayvon Martins family should be deported from america along with those fursuson thugs and the United Nations as well

Use the Name, Luke said...

… Charlie Rangel thought using the word cracker to describe the Tea Party was a term of endearment.

If he has no clue about the use of "cracker" as a racist term, he needs to turn in his "Black Grievance Industry" card. Charlie Rangel is all about two things: race and expanding his personal power by expanding government power. It's just totally unbelievable that he would clueless about such a race oriented word usage.

On the other hand, Rangel lying is totally believable because that pretty much defines his entire time in office. That he did it to excuse racism by blacks makes the likelihood of him lying even greater.

Anonymous said...

The “cracker” term goes back to Shakespearian times (as craker probably from whipcraker) where it was used to disparage “lower” class white immigrants. In colonial times and even as late as the early 1900’s large numbers of southern immigrant whites utilized this as a badge of honor (similar to the “N” word and modern blacks). Even today there are a significant number of southerners that are proud to be crackers but would not let anyone else call them that, again similar to the “N” word with today’s blacks.


Anonymous said...

I am just surprised that she was punished. I thought only White people could be racists and inappropriate?

Go Away Bird said...

And without Jessie Jackson sticking his long probosis in