Friday, November 07, 2014

NY: Some more Leftist racism

During the recently concluded governor's race, Barovick was an avid supporter of the Democratic incumbent Andrew Cuomo. Moreover, he enjoyed eviscerating Cuomo's opponent, Rob Astorino. His weapon of choice was Twitter. All told, he has composed 20,500 tweets and has 3,119 followers.

Never funny, he was snarky at best. He was also vicious.  At 9:12 p.m., Monday, election eve, Barovick tweeted: "In light of election, .@SheriffMoss mulling offer to be new spokesmodel for either Cream of Wheat, or Uncle Ben's Rice."

In case you weren't paying attention, Chemung County Sheriff Chris Moss is an African-American who ran for lieutenant governor on the Astorino ticket.

Barovick's ridicule was obvious and crude. By tying Moss to products whose packaging included stereotyped images of black men, he had finally crossed the line.

The blowback was instantaneous. Barovick was widely condemned by other Twitter users.

At 7:28 a.m., the next day, Astorino campaign spokesman Bill O'Reilly, tweeted: "I'll give you 'till noon to retract this racist tweet. After that, I'll assume you really meant it. "

Barovick should've cut his losses right there. Instead he threw gasoline on the fire with another snotty tweet at 9:20 a.m., telling O'Reilly, "Let me save you the trouble of waiting, Mr. O'Reilly. I meant it. Oh, and sorry about your campaign's loss."

Then Moss, himself, joined the fray with a series of tweets. He called Barovick's comments "a blatant racist smear" and blamed the Cuomo campaign for attempting "to gin up racial disharmony."



Anonymous said...

Progressives believe that they cannot be racist since they are progressive but they are some of the worst racists in existence.


Bird of Paradise said...

Liberals beleive the would will go Ka-Blooey like Krypton if we dont listen to Gaia and take up a primative pagan way to live since most liberals are pretty much brain-dead in the first place

Anonymous said...

once again the left is showing its racists kkk/jim crow roots.

They scream racism if anyone dares criticize Obozo's policies but its ok to be as racists as you want so long s the black man your attacking is a republican.

Liberals really do hate blacks, especially those who dare wonder off the liberal plantation!