Friday, November 21, 2014

Must not disrespect a terrorist organization?

The IRA is a murderous Irish Catholic organization with much blood on its hands.  Roughly, Glasgow people are half Irish in ancestry and half Catholic in religion.  Football in Glasgow is divided on ethnic/religious lines, with two major teams, one Catholic and one Protestant (Celtic and Rangers).  The Protestant Orange Lodge has long memories and a big following in Glasgow.  So when the Protestant fans chanted derision of the IRA, they were simply expressing the ingrained ethnic divisions of their city.

 Getting the fans to be more polite is a bit of a laugh in Scotland, given traditional Scottish aggression.  Glasgow has one of the world's highest murder rates -- mostly caused by the Jimmies sticking shivs (homemade stabbing knives) into one-another during drunken Saturday night fights

‘Stop banging the drum’ is a plea seldom heard in the hyperbolic world of English football, but the supporters’ band that hammered away to the chant of ‘F*** the IRA’ in Glasgow was asked to do just that as embarrassment turned to anger at the Football Association.

‘Ban the Band’ is an appealing headline, but this is more than just punning, with England due to play the Republic of Ireland in Dublin next year.

The Football Association sent a representative into the crowd at half-time in Glasgow to ask the drummers to cease and desist. In May the FA wrote to England fans asking them to stop singing ‘No Surrender’ but were ignored.

Against Scotland on Tuesday night, the problem escalated to the point where the band is effectively on a final warning from the governing body

The next step is for manager, players and the FA to sign a statement disowning the chants. Only then will a line be drawn between the nation itself and the songs sung in its name.



Anonymous said...

Mass spectator "sports" like foorball/soccer bring out the worst atavistic tribal behavior in communities, with pointless artificial divides along religious lines.

Anonymous said...

Since they do not have the balls to remove those breaking the rules they penalize those who have not control over them either. Brilliant tactics.


Bird of Paradise said...

Remember back when Hockey was so violent that the joke was I WENT TO A FIGHT AND A HOCKEY GAME BROKE OUT but nothing can compare to the violence of Soccer especialy in South America

Anonymous said...

Armoured cars and tanks and guns...

Go Away Bird said...

Too many liberal dumb ideas too much diversity