Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Australia: Must not disrespect Vegans

What's a Vegan doing in a hamburger restaurant anyway?

A Hunter restaurant owner says he has received threats and is afraid for the safety of his workmates after comments on Facebook about a vegan customer.

Mark Clews, part-owner of Tuk Tuk – in the Tempus Two complex at Pokolbin – was deluged with online complaints and phone calls after he said a customer's clothing was probably made in a "sweat shop"

"Well we had our first ever vegan in yesterday. Wearing a tie dyed T-shirt, I'm serious, didn't matter that it was made in a Chinese sweat shop.  Anyway it went as well as could be expected," he continued, adding the woman was told her felafel burger would be cooked on the same grill as meat but ate it anyway."

After the comment, Mr Clews was hit with a torrent of complaints on his page.

"To publicly shame a customer with special dietary requirements, comment on her attire and be so blatantly nasty is inexcusable. I will never step foot in this establishment," one reviewer said.

"Rude and disgusting," another added.

In screen-shots of posts, Mr Clews refuses to apologise and labels detractors "vegan Nazis".

Although he originally stood by his "flippant" comments on social media,  Mr Clews later told the Newcastle Herald he would apologise to the customer if she came back.

Mr Clews said disgruntled social media users had tracked down his mobile number and made threatening calls up until midnight. He feared for his safety and that of his family: "What I have learnt is some people have thinner skins than I."



Stan B said...

Something about the Vegan Lifestyle appears to cause thin skins and violent tendencies.

Anonymous said...

Many who take up the Vegan lifestyle do so only because it allows them to pose as a superior person.

Any hint that they are merely the posturing fools that they truly are is met with exactly this kind of seething outrage.

Anonymous said...

Humans didn't evolve to be purely vegetarian, and need some nutrients via animals (either directly to indirectlty).

Bird of Paradise said...


stinky said...

3:15 nailed it. It's about ego.

P.S. Genghis Khan was not a vegan. Like other Mongols, he loved his meat and milk.

Go Away Bird said...

I heard this line froma episode of Classic Star Trek spoken by Spock the lines INA SENSE WE ALL FEED OFF OF DEATH EVEN VEGETARIANS the episode is WOLF IN THE FOLD

Anonymous said...

I have never seen the moral high ground for eating a dead plant or offspring of plants versus a dead animal. Those who have never hunted animals or grown plants/animals for food rarely have the respect for their food that those of us who have done so enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Stan B, the same applies to liberal and gay lobbies. You must change whatever they want to their standard or you are considered a rude thoughtless jerk. If they don't get their way they kick and scream. So much for the "tolerant" crowd.

Anonymous said...

Recent reports show that male vegans have a very low sperm count. Time for a petition to prevent IVF for vegans and breed them out of existence.

slinky said...

Yet more silly ass shit from a downtrodden special interest group.

Spurwing Plover said...

Vegetarian Indian word for very poor hunter

President Not Sure said...

Shylo the Waiter: We do have shots.. of wheatgrass!

Jeff: That's cool.....if you wanna be sober and vomit.