Sunday, November 16, 2014

Labour party woman condemns "joke" about lynching a Conservative female politician


A senior Labour frontbencher has broken ranks to condemn remarks made by a fellow MP about lynching a Tory minister.  Women and equalities spokesman Gloria De Piero rounded on John McDonnell, calling his comments about Employment Minister Esther McVey at an anti-war comedy night on Remembrance Sunday ‘clearly unacceptable’.

Her criticism contrasted with Labour’s weaker response, which stopped short of admonishing the Left-wing MP. A Labour spokesman said his views ‘don’t represent the views of the party’, adding: ‘He speaks for himself.’

Mr McDonnell refused to apologise or withdraw his comments, and turned his fire on the Daily Mail for reporting them. He called the article revealing what he said ‘a badge of honour’.

He spoke about visiting Liverpool, where Miss McVey faces a campaign to oust her. To applause, he said: ‘I spoke at a packed public meeting... a group in the audience completely kicked off quite critical of the whole concept because they were arguing, “Why are we sacking her? Why aren’t we lynching the b******?”’

Female Tory MPs condemned his remarks. Education Secretary and Women and Equalities minister Nicky Morgan said they were ‘outrageous’, and asked why other women Labour MPs had failed to criticise the remarks, tweeting: ‘Is it OK when [it is] one of their MPs?’



Anonymous said...

In Australian political reporting such a comment by a Labor MP would not be reported let alone decried by any female member of the party such is the hypocrisy of leftist politics and media in Australia but make they slightest comment about one their female MP's and all hell breaks loose and you get bullshits speeches in parliament like that by Julia Gillard when she was Prime Minister accusing the leader of the opposition of misogyny. Quite a joke coming from a misandrist.

Bird of Paradise said...

Tell me just how intollerent these liberal are