Thursday, November 20, 2014

Students at Booker T. Washington High School walk out over racist tweet

ANGRY students in the US have staged a mass walkout over a racist tweet posted on their school’s official account referring to young black men as a white father’s worst nightmare.

The post — retweeted by the high school’s assistant principal — showed seven white girls accompanied by seven black teenagers at what looked like a school formal.

The caption read, “Every white girl’s father’s worse nightmare or nah?”

Amy Strickland, assistant princial of Booker T. Washington High School in Norfolk, Virgina, retweeted the image in June but students only became aware of it recently.

The tweet was originally posted by the parody account “OrNahhTweets’’ but it is not clear where the picture originated.

ABC news channel 13 News Now reports that the tweet was deleted after the station contacted Norfolk Public Schools for comment. The entire Twitter account was eventually deleted.


The parents of Nicole Brown Simpson would be likely to agree with the tweet.  There are frequent reports of black men murdering or attacking white women who get involved with them.  I have posted quite a few of them on POLITICAL CORRECTNESS WATCH.  Not all black men are violent but it's a big risk.


Anonymous said...

Statistically black men are more prone to violence against their spouse/significant other so the statement is valid from that standpoint. valid statements that concern race are almost always vilified as racist because there is no other defense.


Bird of Paradise said...

Anything to get the attention of the news media lap dogs no wonder our school system sucks

Anonymous said...

A former missionary to the American Negro told me that the goal of many, not all, negro males was to get a white woman pregnant and then leave her.eadst

Anonymous said...

Crime statistics are irrelevant in the rainbow hued liberal utopia. Meanwhile back in the real world, ignoring reality can and too often does get one quite dead.

Nik said...

It turns out that one in twenty blacks have the “warrior gene” which only when combined with childhood abuse, creates criminal psychopathy. This is simply not the case in other races where incidence is negligible. That 5% of blacks destroy black neighborhoods however, along with anti-snitching culture. They also organize gangs and prison culture that acts as crime college since prisoners are allowed to talk to each other freely.