Sunday, November 02, 2014

Walmart pulls "Pashtun Papa" Halloween costume after being accused of racism

The giant American retailer Walmart has been forced to withdraw its "Pashtun Papa" Halloween costume after being accused of peddling racist stereotypes.

The outfit sold for $39.95  and featured the loose-fitting shalwar kameez, of the sort favoured by Muslims living in Afghanistan and Pakistan, along with a shaggy grey beard.

"Whether you're making a serious political statement or staging a political parody," said the online description, "this authentic-looking outfit is sure to fit the bill!"  "Nothing is sacred this Halloween. Shock your friends with this Islamic costume."

The Pashtun tribe live predominantly in north-west Pakistan and across Afghanistan, and make up the bulk of the Taliban.

The image sparked outrage - particularly in Muslim countries where thousands of people took to Twitter to condemn the outfit.

"This is offensive and discriminatory," said one user. "Will you even think of having a KKK costume."

As the criticism mounted throughout the day, Walmart was forced on to the defensive.

A spokeswoman told Buzzfeed that the costume had been sold by a third-party vendor and that it would be removed from the company's website immediately.


It's not racist if I wear a Scottish kilt but it is racist if I dress as a Pashtun?


Anonymous said...

sorry morons but islam is NOT A RACE!

So statements of them ware either right or wrong but not racists! If it is then any characterization the left makes about christianity is also racists!

Anonymous said...

So let's persecute any Muslim wearing western attire. It amounts to the same thing.

Bird of Paradise said...

Racsism only exsists in the walnut sized brains of liberal whinners