Monday, November 03, 2014

Defiant Babies 'R' Us refuses to remove 'sexualized' Kardashian Kids clothing from its stores

Childrenswear retailer Babies 'R' Us is refusing to remove a range of Kardashian Kids clothing from its stores - despite an intensive campaign from a group of mothers who insist the designs are too 'sexualized' for their children. 

Kansas-based mother Amie Logan started an online petition earlier this week asking the retailer to remove the 'damaging' garments after seeing the new collection, which is designed for baby girls aged zero to 24 months, on shelves and online.

But despite the overwhelming amount of support that the petition has received - it currently has more than 2,500 signatures - the retailer revealed to MailOnline that it will not be removing any of the offending clothing from any of its stores.

A spokesperson for Babies 'R' Us said: 'We have no plans to stop selling this collection.'

The collection, which is an extension of Kim, Khloe and Kourtney's globally-successful Kardashian Kollection for adults, includes a $25 leatherette mini skirt - with 'attached diaper cover' - a $33 fur faux animal print vest and a $23 leatherette skirt.


Some hysterical mothers by the sound of it.


Anonymous said...

If the costumes had a Muslim motif, they would have caved.

cc: Walmart

Anonymous said...

I guess if the retailer doesn't care what their own customers think I guess they can go right ahead and do what they want. At their own peril, of course.

Anonymous said...

The Kardashian's aren't exactly noted for taste. Personally I think if the world just ignored them it would be a better place.

slinky said...

Who the hell is forcing these nasty ass busy bodies to buy these items?

Anonymous said...

Shop elsewhere. Problem solved.

Bird of Paradise said...

Nothings safe from the perverts and sex fiends i suggest these mothers boycott the stores