Tuesday, November 18, 2014

British cops confront granny who put ‘racially offensive’ gorilla in window

For years, knitting fanatic Anne Feast has entertained local children with quirky displays of handmade animals in her front window.  But when she put a gorilla there, police went, well…bananas.

Two police community support officers knocked on her door and told the pensioner there had been a complaint about the ‘black body’, warning her that it was a ‘potentially racially offensive object’.

The grandmother-of-two said that even after she had pointed out that it was merely a knitted gorilla called Cilla, she was asked to take it down – a demand she ignored.

But now it appears the officers had invented the complaint, with their force insisting they acted on their own initiative after spotting the toy during a routine patrol.

Mrs Feast knits as a hobby and has two suitcases full of her creations. She always keeps one on display in the front window of the home in Ely, Cambridgeshire, that she has lived in with husband Philip, 71, for 14 years, and changes them regularly.

But a Cambridge police spokesman has now said:  'At no point was the woman asked to remove the gorilla from her window'



Anonymous said...

The police lied and intimidated, and we are to trust them to uphold ambiguous laws? Recipe for disaster.


Anonymous said...

Here's the solution: fire the overzealous officers.

Bird of Paradise said...

P.C. Nonsense rears its stupid head