Friday, May 31, 2013

Extreme hate speech from a Warmist

Hate speech against "deniers" is stock in trade for Warmists.  It must be annoying to have your profitable racket exposed.  But one Warmist appears to be pushing the envelope.  A French Warmist scientist, Dr. Jean-Luc EGM Melice [Email:], left racist abuse on Marc Morano's site.  The comment read:   "Still waiting for the hate mails from Morano, the greasy, fat, mafiosi-type, Italian immigrant asshole."  I think a lot of Italians would be immediately  incensed by such a deliberate attempt to offend but Marc so far has simply circulated the content to those on his mailing list, which includes me.

One of the people on the mailing list said of the Warmist:  "He sure acts like a climate scientist"

Dr Luc Melice appears to be an employee of a French Oceanographic laboratory.  He's on their staff list here but may be working in South Africa

The EU has fairly strict laws about hate speech so I think we may hear more about this.

I imagine that he might claim that someone stole his identity in making the comment so we might have to wait and see about that.

Incidentally, Morano was born and bred in the USA, not Italy.  Not that being Italian is any disgrace,  Two of the months of our year are named after Italians:  July and August.


I sent a brief email to the address above and got a reply from his hotmail address.  It's a lot of fun.  I reproduce it below:

"Hi there,

I have first to know who you are...

Are you part  of that asshole Morano team?

I am going to write you in french. Please remember that french is the language of every educated gentleman.

Please also remember that your country would not exist without the help of the French. Just remember La Fayette...

Je suis français et spécialiste en modélisation du climat et des océans, êtes-vous capable de comprendre ce que j'écris?

Morano is a fat, asshole mafiosi-type italian immigrant, he has no scientific degree, he knows nothing about climate dynamics.

He gets a lot  money from the oil industry to say that global warming is a hoax...

To bad, you are now in the USA, in a sacry climate change situation. We know, for instance,  that you wiil have an awful drought this summer.

I hope that you will be clever enough to get rid of that Morano asshole, and that you will be able to wake-up...

Hard to educate mugs!!!


Dr. Jean-Luc EGM Melice

ps. it is easy to check my scientific peer-reviewed papers  by typing "JL Melice" in google scholar.

It is also easy to check that Morano and his friends/team, like the all climate deniers, have no scientific background....

We are still waiting for hate e-mails from asshole Morano... he is an expert in that..."


Anonymous said...

Deviant liberals in action

Anonymous said...

Global warming: (a.k.a climate change)

"The bigger the lie the more people will believe it..." -- Adolf Hitler

Anonymous said...

"The bigger the lie the more people will believe it..."

Religion fits the bill perfectly.

Anonymous said...

And the more people believe it (religion or whatever) the more it becomes respectable and then all who challenge it are being perverse or disrespectful (aka blasphemous) - hello Orwell-world!

Dean said...

Ah, the tolerant left. Unless, of course, if you disagree with them on anything.

No question that the global climate is changing. It's been doing that for centuries. IIRC fifty years ago we were told that the Sahara Desert was expanding southward twenty miles a year. Sometime around the end of the eleventh century the world went through a cooling stage, ending commerce between Greenland and Europe before ending the Little Ice Age toward the end of the sixteen hundreds.

The big questions are whether those changes are man-caused and how much money certain members of society can make off those claims.

Use the Name, Luke said...

It seems that self-immolation is Mr. Melice's thing.

It's been said that the Left wants the Right to shut up, while the Right wants the Left to keep talking. Mr. Melice has beautifully demonstrated why that maxim exists.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:15 said...
"The bigger the lie the more people will believe it..."

"Religion fits the bill perfectly"

I would think atheism fits it a whole lot better.

Anonymous said...

"I would think atheism fits it a whole lot better."

The problem here is that you do NOT think. You are incapable to do that. You are nothing but a mindless ditto head. It's too bad that your life is ruled by puppet masters.

Anonymous said...

"Please remember that french is the language of every educated gentleman."

So they can quickly and efficiently surrender to their latest invader.