Friday, May 10, 2013

Australia:  Must not joke about blacks

Aboriginals do tend to use English in a distinctive way but joking about that during a football broadcast was a big no-no, apparently

VETERAN rugby league caller David Morrow has been suspended indefinitely after a joke referencing Darwin Aboriginals was aired live before Monday night football.

A league institution for 30 years, Morrow was last night stood down by station management pending an investigation into his racist gag that was inadvertently broadcast live into the Wollongong region.

Unaware he was on air, Morrow first joked with sideline commentator Shannon Byrne, who hails from Darwin, about electricity not yet being available in the Northern Territory capital.

Moments later, the Grandstand broadcaster then adopted a satirical indigenous tone and continued: "Dat's da only way you can tell when there's anyone, er, awake is when dey smile.''

The incident last night drew a stinging response from NRL CEO David Smith who said: "The comments are totally unacceptable and we've made that position clear to the ABC.


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