Monday, May 20, 2013

VA: Attorney fights to move Confederate soldier statue from courthouse

"A statue honoring Confederate soldiers that has stood for more than 100 years outside a Leesburg, Va., courthouse is now at the center of a battle between an attorney and residents. The statue, which reads 'In memory of the Confederate Soldiers of Loudoun County, Va. Erected May 28, 1908,' shows a soldier standing guard with his rifle, WTOP reports.

John Flannery, an attorney who regularly hears cases inside the courthouse, said the statue intimidates clients and should be moved into a museum or graveyard."


A statue intimidates people?  What delicate little petals they must be!


Anonymous said...

Someday, true southerners will regret the day they accepted all those northern liberals moving into south. They have brought their infectious liberal virus with them and because of that, the South will never again be the same.

Shame on all those who once called themselves southerners.

Anonymous said...

what kind of whimp asshole is scared of a statue?

Anonymous said...

So they're afraid of a bronze statue of a.guy dressed in 19th century clothing holding a flintlock?!?
How pathetic.

Anonymous said...

He 'hears' cases in the courthouse?
Surely he presents, argues or files cases in the courthouse - only the presiding judicial officers hear the case.
Anyway - it is a tribute to the fallen war dead of the County. I could understand if he was upset that some Louden County war dead who fought for the North (if there were any) were not represented.

Anonymous said...

My ex-wife gives hand jobs to statues.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I have to say this, we are fast becoming a nation of downright pussies! What do I mean "becoming?"

My god must everything that some little pussy feels "offended" about or "intimidated" over go?

Well, I feel "offended" and "intimidated" by those "god is not real" billboards I see around the US, can I have them removed because I am "offended?"

Didn't think so!

Anonymous said...

"god is not real" billboards "

truth is not hate speech.

Bird of Paradise said...

The WHMPOTARD is afraid of offending the leftists NAACP or NATION of ISLAM and NBPP and Jessie Jackasson and Al Sharkton tell those race baiting trouble makers to GO AWAY

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:41.
Psalms 14:1 "The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God."
Every man has a god. If not the Creator God then he makes one of his own. Money, Power, social standing, or self.
I may be a fool for Christ but whose who are you?

Anonymous said...

god is everything that we do not understand. god is getting smaller each day.

Anonymous said...

'god' is just a vaguely undefined word that means something different to every single person who can conceive the term!