Friday, May 31, 2013

Scottish Olympic cyclist abused by Scottish nationalists

Olympic legend Sir Chris Hoy has been subjected to offensive abuse from nationalist campaigners after he raised concerns about Scottish independence.

The Scottish cycling hero was branded a ‘bigoted anti-Scot’, a ‘t*****’, a ‘creep’ and an ‘imbecile’ by the online army of so-called ‘CyberNats’.

The disgraceful remarks have sparked fury, with a UK minister calling on Alex Salmond to take action amid fears of ‘lasting damage to damage Scotland’s reputation’.

Sir Chris has won legions of fans across the globe with his passion and professionalism on the track.  But Britain’s greatest ever Olympian became an enemy for the CyberNats after he warned that Scottish athletes will find it harder to challenge on the world stage if the country becomes independent.

Last night, Scotland Office Minister David Mundell said: 'The negative and personal tone of the attacks on Sir Chris is shameful and casts the referendum debate in a poor light.

'I believe it would be helpful if the First Minister and the Scottish Government were explicit in their condemnation of those trying to shout down the views of Sir Chris and others. The debate on our future must be open to all.'


A lot of Scottish nationalism does seem to be anti-English hatred.  Some wars of long ago have not been forgotten


Anonymous said...

"Some wars of long ago have not been forgotten"

Yep, just ask the muslims. 1,000 years on and they are STILL whining about the crusades!

A-holes will be a-holes, it's best to ignore them and move on with your life. We have them here too, only we call them liberals!

Anonymous said...

Yes, people never seem to comment that the muslims forcibly invaded and occupied the Christian Byzantine Empire and still have most of it. Why shouldn't the Crucsaders have retaliated in like mode, and with more justification?