Friday, May 24, 2013

VA: Must not joke about Mrs Obama being African

Friday, confronted a member of the Isle of Wight Board Of Supervisors about an email that the NAACP called racist jokes. Supervisor Byron Bailey said Friday he won't step down and he may run again in 2015, but there are more calls for him to resign .

But Bailey is only half of the story. The School Board member who sent the "racist" emails to Bailey -- Herb DeGroft -- is the other half.

The emailed jokes seen as racist: One showed bare breasted women as members of First Lady  Michelle Obama's High School reunion.  Another one said she was offered $50 to pose nude by National Geographic.


It looks like the critics are implying that Africans are inferior or contemptible.  Why else the fuss?  If they really believed that all men are equal, it wouldn't matter if you are black or white


Anonymous said...

Apparently, there are still a few non-pansy's in the UK. It's the only thing that will save them.

TheOldMan said...

She is NOT African. She was born in America, she is an American. Elon Musk is African. How many generations does it take before people give up on where their ancestors were born?

Anonymous said...

"America", or rather the United States of America, has had (and continues to have) too many waves of immigration to ever be a meaningfully homogenous society where the denizens are "ethnically-blind". The racial and associated sub-cultures remains strong, and despite the ex-African variety being almost as old as the USA itself, is particularly strong, and of course over-relies on proxy-victimhood vis à vis their slave ancestors.
The Irish tend to be the same re the suffering of their ancestors, although most people's ancestors suffered in some way, and we are not entitled to compensation on their behalf!

Anonymous said...

Old Man, it's simply a matter of political convenience. Call yourself African, even though you've never been anywhere near Africa, and lots of doors "are opened for you".

Of course, her Kenyan-born, Marxist Muslim husband can in fact call himself African, but yet, doesn't. How odd.

Dean said...

It is to laugh. My son, while in military training, had several 'African American' companions and one very white instructor. Said instructor on day informed the African American contingent that since he had been born and raised in Africa, then immigrated to the U.S. and became a citizen he was truly an African American. They, who had all been born in the U.S., were just Americans.

IIRC the U.S. born contingent didn't take to kindly to that statement.

When filling out forms that ask for race I generally put down Norwegian American. After all, I'm only three generations away from Norway. So I'm Norwegian. Right? (sarcasm off)