Friday, May 17, 2013

Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries slammed over comments

Comments made by Abercrombie & Fitch's CEO Mike Jeffries seven years ago about how "uncool" kids and "fat women" shouldn’t be wearing the brand's clothes have come back to bite him, inspiring a robust protest and a viral campaign.

His comments reignited protests this week in front of a Chicago store after a writer and entrepreneur attempted to give the clothing brand a dramatic re-brand by donating Abercrombie & Fitch clothes to the homeless.

"A&F is the high school bully of the retail clothing world," Mr Karber said. "They like to exclude certain groups of people to create a false sense of exclusivity". "People deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, and making money doesn't excuse hateful speech or actions."

The new backlash against Mr Jeffries reached fever pitch overnight with actors such as Kirstie Alley criticising the store and Mr Jeffries:

The backlash also escalated on Twitter, Facebook and even on YouTube where one poster started a "Fitch the Homeless" campaign asking customers to re-brand the popular retailer by giving their A&F clothes to the homeless.

Mr Jeffries also told Salon he only wanted "cool kids" to wear A&F clothes.

"In every school there are the cool and popular kids, and then there are the not-so-cool kids," he said.  "Candidly, we go after the cool kids.  "We go after the attractive all-American kid with a great attitude and a lot of friends. A lot of people don’t belong [in our clothes], and they can’t belong. Are we exclusionary? Absolutely.

Today Mr Jeffries released a statement on the Abercrombie & Fitch Facebook page.

"I want to address some of my comments that have been circulating from a 2006 interview. While I believe this seven-year-old, resurrected quote has been taken out of context, I sincerely regret that my choice of words was interpreted in a manner that has caused offense," he wrote.


I buy most of my clothes from Target -- which is so uncool, it must almost be global warming.  But I don't see why A&F can't market their stuff to anybody they want.  Or are we seeing an ideology that says "all men (and women) are beautiful".  Horsepoop if so.


Anonymous said...

Why would anyone want to wear their overpriced crap? Screw A&F.

Anonymous said...

Let their superficiality be its own advert.

Use the Name, Luke said...

Marketing their clothes as being for the "cool" crowd is the only way they can make them desirable. It's certainly not for the style, quality, or price.

Note that this blowup has only occurred seven years later. What took them so long?

Oh, and as for that "apology"? "I'm sorry that you're so stupid" doesn't qualify.

Caniac said...

Jeffries opened his mouth and inserted his foot. He can say what he wants, it's a free country. We can respond with our purchase power if we'd like,

Anonymous said...

Target is in Australia?

Anonymous said...

Since we still have some freedom in this country, they should be able to sell what they want, to whom they want, and how they want.

This sounds like some size 18 female was "offended" because she couldn't fit into their size 4 jeans.

President Not Sure said...

Looks like the spammers have found a way in.. Anyway, I never liked A&F anyway.. Best thing I remember about them was my college roommates shirt that said "Pimpercrombie & Bitch".

jonjayray said...

yes. Target Australia is similar to Target America