Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Obama as America's chief hater

Today, the people who find frequent fault with the eminently faultable record of Barack Obama aren’t presented as dissenting patriots; they don’t get the glowing Cindy Sheehan, Move On or Occupy Wall Street treatment; rather, they’re  smeared as haters, bitter white men, racists, reactionaries, menacing, potential terrorists (darn that inconvenient fact that attacks, killings, and terror keep coming from crazies, lefties, and lovers of “the religion of peace,” not from Tea Party members).

Anyone who sees what’s as plain as day, day after day, and points it out, well, they are pronounced haters and racists who just can’t get over the fact that Barack Obama, a black man, is president of the United States.

I’ve been thinking about this “criticism equals hate” formula that Lefties use to shout down dissent—which isn’t patriotic since 2008!-- and it occurs to me that maybe some petards and some goose sauce are due for some turn about

What about all the Americans who find themselves in the president’s rhetorical gun sights? Does he hate them? Does Barack Obama hate his political opponents?

When candidate Obama talked about heartlanders feeling left behind and getting bitter, clinging to their guns, their religion, and their antipathy to people that aren’t like them, did that mean he hates those Americans?

When his wife, on the occasion of his nomination said that she’s proud of her nation for the first time in her adult life, did that mean she hates her nation? Or when she said America is just a mean place, surely that was hate?

When the Obamas sat for 20 years in the pews of Jeremiah Wright while the good preacher blamed the US government for AIDS and howled for God’s damnation on America, does that mean Obama hates America?

When the president rails at millionaires and billionaires who “don’t pay their fair share” despite the fact the top one percent of earners pay 37% of income taxes—is he expressing hate for the wealthy? When he points his finger at business owners, and channels Elizabeth Warren to declare “You didn’t build that! Someone else made that happen!” is he expressing contempt for small business?

When his Pentagon tries to restrict personal sharing of faith among soldiers, is he hating Christians? When he mandates employer subsidy for contraception and abortifacients, and says that religious employers who object are denying woman access to health care, is he hating people of faith? Employers with faith?

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Anonymous said...

The notoriously weak, gullible, and completely mindless American people decided it would be oh-so nice to elect a black man as their president. The fact that he's only half black meant nothing to the stary-eyed dolts of the Left. That he had zero experience, at anything, also meant nothing to those of the Left who simply wanted to "feel good".

Also, there's the fact that his past was deliberately "worked on" to conceal any traces, something that is done in the intelligence world for counterintelligence work. (it's called creating a "legend") This too means nothing to the mindless sheep of America.

What about the fact that he's a Kenyan-born, full-blown Marxist, raised and educated by terrorists? Oh, American's are very forgiving and understanding. (that's code for: weak, gullible, and stupid)

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:35 - yet another birther. Congratulations! You are Asshole of the Day.

Brian from Rochester NY said...

Anonymous 1:35

We are not all 'sheeple' here in the US. I voted against this person both times and I have never trusted a word he has said. I knew we were in for it when, at his first inauguration, he addressed us as "my fellow citizens" instead of "my fellow Americans".

I was flabbergasted when I awoke the morning after Election Day and found that he had been re-elected after doing such a horrible job during his first term.

Whether through voter fraud or a media induced fog of propaganda, lies and omissions (or both), he convinced enough people to vote for him. Heck he was so convincing that some people voted for him more than once.

Don't paint us all with that broad brush. The talking heads on TV and in Hollywood may have the biggest mouths, but they don't speak for all of us.

Dean said...

Brian from Rochester NY: My feelings exactly. Those who voted for Obama in 2008 didn't listen to what he said. They missed the sneer at middle America, they of 'religion and guns', they ignored his call for a state police force with capabilities on par with the military, and his constant attacks on anyone who has succeeded in business. All they heard was, "Hope and Change," never asking what Obama meant to change, never wondering what they were to hope for.

His first election filled me with dismay and anger, the second with incredulity and sorrow.

But there is a glimmer of hope in the air. With even the main stream press being forced to admit there was deceit and coverup about Benghazi, IRS targeting of conservative groups, and a growing discontent with Obama's economic and foreign policy failings there is a hope for a more conservative congress in 2015. And perhaps even a Republican in the White House in 2017.

We can only hope for change.

Anonymous said...

powerful stuff

Anonymous said...

"His Obama) first election filled me with dismay and anger, the second with incredulity and sorrow."

That's how I felt about Bush. We are now even.

Anon 1:35 said...

Anon 1:35 said- yet another birther. Congratulations! You are Asshole of the Day..."

So is your mother.

Anonymous said...

"So is your mother."

How can that be? She is dead.

Caniac said...

2:45 - Hate someone for their opinion. Did you even read the article?
6:14 - Vote for revenge. Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

I am never shocked by how low liberals can sink

Anonymous said...

"Hate someone for their opinion."

That's exactly what you are doing, hypocrite.

Caniac said...

1:13 - Your definition and understanding of "hate" seems to be fundamentally different from mine.

Maybe you would be so kind as to expound on your hypothesis.

Anonymous said...

Obama is our "Prophet" must not speak ill of the Prophet.

Anonymous said...

Jon, the top 1% of the taxpayers are not paying 37% of the income tax, its more like 50-60%! Yet their "fair share" still isn't enough.

Anonymous said...

Does Barack Obama hate his political opponents?

Well, he literally declared us to be "the enemy".