Friday, May 17, 2013

"Prostitute" a forbidden word

I guess it sounds bad.  But what if it sounds bad because it is bad?

MISSY Higgins is locked in a bitter Twitter war with sex workers - because she used outdated language to describe a dream.

The popular Australian singer-songwriter posted on Twitter: "I dreamt I fell in love with a prostitute. She was young & I wanted to save her. Related to my thoughts about The Voice perhaps?"

But her seemingly innocent comment angered some in the sex industry.

A Twitter user with the handle WhoresEyeView snapped: "We don't need you to save us. Don't be so condescending. We are real people not extensions of ur ideals. Learn."

Missy replied: "It was a dream dude, chill out."

That sparked furious feedback.  One tweeted: "Cram the chill pill. If you bothered to learn the issues you'd understand why we can't chill."

Another fired: "If you had any idea how we hookers get treated you'd understand why I'm defensive. Grow some empathy."

After learning the term "prostitute" was offensive, Higgins later said: "I meant absolutely no disrespect by dreaming what I did. For the record, I do not, in reality, want to save any sex workers.

"I had no idea 'prostitute' is an offensive term, 'sex worker' being the preferred term by those in the field.  "Apologies to those I offended."



Anonymous said...

Ok, there's a reason whores are called whores. They sell what is taught as one of the most sacred things in most religions (their bodies) for something that is seen as "the root of all evil."

"Re-Branding" them as "sex workers" is about making THEM feel better, not about improving the morality of the act - which is still whoring.

Brian from Rochester NY said...

Reminds me of an old joke:
A Catholic priest was talking to a woman. Suddenly, he recoiled in shock and asked her "You're a WHAT?!"

"A Prostitute," she replied

The priest sighed in relief. "Oh, I thought you said Protestant."

"People have tried to corner the market on being offended, corner the market on language and corner the market on opinion. Should I lose my job 'cause I offended somebody? No, of course not. Your life should never be affected by public opinion."

Patrice O'Neal

Anonymous said...

In a short time the euphemism, "sex worker". will also be offensive and another term will take its place as more PC. Maybe going back to what the Jap soldiers called their sex-slaves in WWII - "Comfort Women", maybe re-branded in english as "Comfort Ladies"!

Anonymous said...

I prefer nasty ass bitches.

Use the Name, Luke said...

"Re-Branding" them as "sex workers" is about making THEM feel better, not about improving the morality of the act

…or the conditions and consequences of the "profession"; among which is the emotional destruction which comes from giving away the most intimate part of themselves to strangers.

Use the Name, Luke said...

BTW, isn't it fascinating how the left "rebrands" things to try to eliminate the negative connotations associated with the old word. For example, "homosexual" became "gay" because "homosexual" had become too negative and "gay" was such a happy word. Now, after years of association with homosexuality, "gay" has come to mean "pathetic, lame, broken, bad". Changing the label only hides the negatives for a while before the inherent negatives leak out to spoil the new word.

Anonymous said...

Why don't we call them what they are: 'whore' or 'harlot'?
As for the homosexual check the primary definition of 'queer' and of 'gay' to see which definition more closely defines them.

Anonymous said...

Every time they fuck a stranger they chip off a piece of their soul.
It's not OK.
It's not healthy.
Whores are not nice people.
Whores are offended.
Who gives a shit?
They're worried about the wrong thing.

Anonymous said...

You just know your society is going down the drain when prostitutes start getting offended because somebody called them prostitutes. Personally, i think filthy skank would be a far better choice.

Anonymous said...

There wouldn't be prostitutes (or under any other name) if men didn't buy their services (or a fewer number of women who hire male "escorts"). So in a way it's like blaming the victims of a crime.

Anonymous said...

But isn't that CAPITALISM - giving what the customer wants and is prepared to pay for, and someone has and is willing to sell?!

Anonymous said...

she should not have ap9ologized