Thursday, May 02, 2013

Insults against disabled people must be eradicated

One can reasonably advocate better treatment of disabled people but the heading above from the USC college newspaper has the flames of hell emanating from it.  Socialist tyrants such as Hitler and Stalin wanted things "eradicated".  A less Fascistic writer might have used the word "discouraged" or some such

In 2004, when 17-year-old Adam Holland cheerfully smiled for a photograph in his art class, he had no idea that the image would later re-surface as a popular meme.

Perhaps you’ve even seen it. No, it’s not the iconic Bad Luck Brian or Scumbag Steve images that provide some giggles at the expense of another individual’s dignity.

It’s actually worse. And sickeningly offensive.

With one look at this recent meme, it’s clear that Holland’s physical features and cognitive ability are distinct from others. That’s because Adam Holland has Down syndrome.

According to ABC News, a radio station in Florida re-purposed the original photograph of Holland at the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center into one in which he clutches a sign reading “Retarded News.” This photo was used as promotion for its “Retarded News” segment, where talk jockies would discuss odd news.

After learning of the photo’s usage, Holland’s family filed a lawsuit earlier this week against Cox Media, the owner of the Tampa, Fla., radio station WHPT-FM.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time a mentally disabled person has been mocked on the Internet. A quick Google search reveals that the Internet hosts a plethora of other tasteless graphics. This demonstrates a terrible epidemic in our nation — an epidemic of insensitivity toward the entire disabled community.



Anonymous said...

What i think Jon is saying is actually something i've been saying for a long time. Stupidity and bad taste should now be seen as crimes. We should make laws regulating human nature. That's right! It will be a crime to do something stupid. But there is one problem. If we arrest everyone who is, or does something stupid, what will the remaining 34 people do?

Anonymous said...

It's not a question of arresting people but making them understand that there are consequences to their boorish behavior.

By the way, what 's with the French and other advertisements.

Anonymous said...

Arrested and punished for poor taste and insult. OK. Now, what would a justice system based on that line of thinking look like?

As for the lawsuit, the radio station had better settle in a hurry. Using someone's likeness for commercial purposes without permission is fully actionable. I wonder if the station's legal team passed on this wholly terrible idea.

Anonymous said...

Bird of Paradise said...

I guess they no longer beleive in FREE SPEECH AT THESE IMPERIAL UNIVERSITIES anymore Anymore reason to totaly CUT THEM OFF from the monkey spiggots?

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter what word you use to call it. Gay was once used as a positive for homosexuals, now homo, and gay are used as negatives. "That's so Gay." Retarded used to be a clinical and objective term, but normal people use it as a negative, then it was special, not special person is used as a negative. No matter what you call it, a rose is still a rose, and mentally damanged and the sexually deviant are still abhorant.

Anonymous said...

While a rose is still a rose by any other name; beauty or even abhorrence is always in the eye of the beholder and not necessarily a quality the object observed!