Friday, May 10, 2013

Naive British lawyer puts her feet into the fire

If you don't like Jews you should be free to say so  -- but there is no free speech in Britain.  So a woman who assumed there was got into big trouble. 

If you disguise your prejudice as anti-Zionism or hatred of Israel that is OK though.  Such really dangerous and organized prejudice --- mainly emanating from the Left -- is permitted.  But the careless overgeneralizations of an irritated individual are cracked down on

A female lawyer who blurted out: 'I cannot stand Jewish people' during an office rant has been left with a huge legal bill after a discrimination case was brought against her by a former colleague.

Danielle Morris, 34, was subject of a three-and-a-half year investigation in front of two legal tribunals and almost lost her career after she made the remark during an office conversation.

The mother-of-two complained a Jewish man had jumped the queue at a medical centre while she was waiting to take one of her children to see a doctor.

Later she relayed the incident in the presence of a Jewish cashier at her law practice in Rossendale, Lancashire.

After making her comment, the unnamed cashier said: 'Please do not say that' but Mrs Morris added: 'I don’t care, I cannot stand them.'

Three months after the incident in December 2009, the cashier left the law firm - then brought a racial and religious claim against Mrs Morris and the practice and won an undisclosed sum in damages.

Mrs Morris herself was then hauled before the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority after a further complaint of discrimination by the cashier.

It emerged the matter 'snowballed' despite the lawyer trying to apologise on three occasions - but the cashier refused to meet with her.

Yesterday, in a ruling made public for the first time, it emerged Mrs Morris who now works two days a week at another law firm has been fined £2,500 and ordered to pay £5,250 in costs following a hearing in London.

Her own legal costs are thought to be £1,000 and the incident is believed to have cost in total tens of thousands of pounds in further solicitors' costs and compensation.

Trouble began after she attended the Bardoc medical centre in Bury with her baby. The hearing was told a man dressed in Orthodox Jewish attire 'caused a scene' at the surgery and as a result was seen first by a doctor.

Back at the law firm Mrs Morris relayed the incident to a receptionist she shared her office with and said: 'I cannot stand Jewish people.'

The cashier who also shared the office having joined the firm just three months earlier overheard the rant and said: 'Please do not say that.'

But Mrs Morris went on: 'I don’t care, I cannot stand them ever since an incident at Bardoc.'



Anonymous said...

Here's the thing about Jewishness - it's supposed to be a religion. We can only assume that espousing that religion means that behavior is affected by the religious teachings, and therefore the most ardent adherents to those teachings should be examples of the effects those teachings have on behavior. If a man dresses and espouses the part of "Orthodox Jew" and then behaves badly, his behavior is a reflection not only on himself, but upon the teachings of his religion. So in my book, religious "bigotry" based on how we see the most devoted followers of that religion is not necessarily out of place. All religions should be judged on the behaviors they engender and the behavior that their adherents actually display.

Anonymous said...

Societies in the UK and the US, both deeply infected by political correctness, now see simple opinion as "hate" speech. In most cases, Jews, like blacks, will see antisemitism and racism in everything they dislike or disagree with. They have made both terms moot.

Anonymous said...

If you could reason with religious people, there would be no religious people.

Malcolm Smith said...

A "anti-discrimination" case? She didn't discriminate against the cashier. All she did was say she didn't like his group.

Anonymous said...

Non-approved opinions are now illegal.

Anonymous said...

I hope the so-offended party is proud of destroying the career and life of that lady - petty revenge may be sweet but it also reflects very badly! (So much for religious morality!)

Anonymous said...

And they have the nerve to talk about Priests?

Olaf Koenders said...

So.. how do I get to sue someone for calling me "white" or "German"..?