Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Australian singer/actress falls foul of the blackface taboo

Delta Goodrem is a really nice lady and when some fans dressed up as the people in one of her shows, she tweeted a picture of them.  Disaster!  One of the people in the show is African and one of the fans wore blackface to portray that.  Goodrem then got targeted with the most vicious slurs over the matter

DELTA Goodrem has distanced herself from a blackface photo scandal on Twitter. Yesterday the TV star re-tweeted a photograph of fans dressed as The Voice’s judges at a costume party.

As well as a man in a blonde wig portraying Delta, one man is dressed in blackface to represent Seal complete with black paint over his face and arms and fake scars on his cheeks.

"That is hilarious!! Hope u had fun! Ha!!," Goodrem wrote on Twitter before retweeting the photo.

Goodrem’s tweet was soon deleted after comedians started branding Goodrem "racist".

"Nah, blackface isn't hilarious, Delta. It's racist," Fear of a Brown Planet’s Nazeem Hussain tweeted to Goodrem.

Goodrem today was horrified to be viewed as racist.  "In reference to a parody of the four coaches that was on Twitter, my retweeting was not intended to cause offence in any way," the singer told News Limited.

Hussain’s comedy partner Aamer Rahman tweeted the show and Goodrem’s fellow judges stating:  "Gosh it must be horrible to work with someone as stupid and racist as @DeltaGoodrem."


Her critics show who the haters are.  Goodrem's only fault was not being up to date with all the taboos that the Left impose these days.  Australia has never had a tradition of blackface acting (or a history of slavery for that matter) so the issue would be off the radar for most Australians.


Anonymous said...

"or a history of slavery for that matter."

I think the aborigines might have a thing or two so say about that statement!

Anonymous said...

"Beware of those who cry racism, for they are the true racists..."

Anonymous said...

1:28 They have a history of genocide!

Anonymous said...

In my view Seal is widely liked and respected here and I seriously doubt anybody dressing up as him (including the blackface) did it as anything other than an honest tribute.
I suspect Delta thought the same thing.
Just a shame that those who read racism and insult into everything had to call hate on something that was never intended as such.
As for slavery in Australia - do some research on the Kanakas. Much closer to slavery than the typical Aboriginal stockman and his family.

Anonymous said...

The perpetually offended will always cry racism. To quote Porgy- "It ain't necessarily so". T continue the analogy, the man dressed as a female must be misogynist and hate women. the drag queens in Key West be likewise and obviusly the malr dresses as Simon must be anglophobic. Get the idea. Ot is timep stand up an call these idiots exactly what they are.

Anonymous said...

sorry about he misspellings

Olaf Koenders said...

I doubt any of those racists crying racism asked Seal if he had a problem with it..