Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The real racists

Race has long been a leftist obsession. Going right back, Marx and Engels were fascinated by it, with Engels being rather outspoken about "n*ggers" and Marx about Jews.  See for instance Zur Judenfrage by Marx.


Anonymous said...

There's one good thing about the over-use of the word "racism" by blacks and other useful idiots. The word no longer has any relevance.

Anonymous said...

It's now the same as "crying wolf"!

Anonymous said...

Not in Melbourne, Australia if you are a 13 yr old girl at a football match and while your team are losing you yell 'you are going to miss you ape' to an indigenous player kicking for goal. The precious petal is offended and call for security who remove the girl from her grandmother and hand her to the police who grill her for 2hrs without a parent or legal guardian present. In the 21st century a verbal insult (not racism) against a black person trumps the civil and legal rights of a child. What a sad country we have become because of PC abuse. In Australia feigned racism is alive and well supported in the courts and media. The bar has been lowered to support the ambulance chasers in the legal profession and empower the bigots who believe that only whites can commit racism.