Thursday, May 23, 2013

Japan: Must not diss Koreans

An emerging Japanese nationalist political party whose co-leader outraged many with remarks about Japan's wartime and modern sexual services became embroiled in more controversy Friday when a party lawmaker accused ethnic Koreans of involvement in prostitution.

The Japan Restoration Party urged the lawmaker, Shingo Nishimura, to retract his comments suggesting many ethnic Koreans are engaged in prostitution in Japan. Nishimura withdrew his remarks, but the party forced him out anyway.

Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto, a founder and co-leader of the party, angered Japan's neighbors by saying this week that the Japanese military's wartime practice of forcing Asian women into prostitution was necessary to maintain discipline and provide relaxation for soldiers.


The Japs don't like other Asians much and that slips out at times.  Since the Japs killed large numbers of other Asians in WWII, what they say about other Asians is carefully watched.  But the Japs are peaceniks these days so it is all a storm in a teacup.


Anonymous said...

He may have been a bit tactless, but facts are not always pleasant, nor are they always convenient.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

It isn’t just the Japanese. The Chinese don’t like Koreans, Koreans don’t like the Chinese, the Chinese and Cambodians don’t like each other, the Chinese don’t like the Chinese the Tibetans don’t like the Chinese and visa versa, the Indians don’t like any of the above, etc etc etc.. The WWII concept of the Asian co-prosperity sphere is a huge laugh.

Anonymous said...

they get mad when you call them "japs" why? I don't know. I never get mad when foreigners call us "yanks" (short for yankee).