Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Black "comedian's"  appearance at an awards night was a "huge mistake" says British football boss

Professional Footballers' Association chairman Clarke Carlisle believes his organisation made "a huge mistake" in hiring Reginald D Hunter to perform at Sunday night's awards dinner in London.

Hunter, a black comedian from Georgia in the United States, repeatedly used the word 'n*****' during his performance, which was not well received by members of the audience in the ballroom of the Grosvenor House hotel in Mayfair.

Carlisle has campaigned to eradicate racism in football, and although he refused to criticise Hunter's act, he admits it was a big error to hire the American for the event.

"I thought we made a huge mistake," said the Northampton defender, who took over as PFA chairman in 2010.  "I thought with everything that we have gone through over the last few years, using a comedian of his type was a bad error in judgement.

"I was embarrassed sat up there throughout and I want to apologise unreservedly to the footballing community that was present."


Sounds like the English were not familiar with black speech. They are entitled not to like it though.


Anonymous said...

Dumb Brits. Don't they know that in America, racism is perfectly acceptable, so long as it's done by blacks.

Anonymous said...

It was the Yanks that imposed the taboo of "ni**er" in the first place, and now the Brits are criticized for being embarrassed by it when it comes from the mouth of a Yank!

Use the Name, Luke said...

I don't think the Brits were wrong to be embarrassed by the comedian's bad behavior. Nor do I think most conservative Americans would think badly of the Brits who felt that way.